In a spin over gigantic new wind turbine

New wind turbine near Ilkeston
New wind turbine near Ilkeston

The colossal new wind turbine that is now part of the local skyline has divided public opinion.

The turbine, which has been surrounded by controversy since the planning stages, has been built by Severn Trent to power its Newthorpe Sewage Works.

Standing 430 feet tall, with 164 foot blades, the structure, christened Winston, is near the Bennerley Viaduct.

Plans for the turbine were passed in 2011. When the plan came before Broxtowe Borough Council’s development control committee, its then chairman, Cllr Steve Barber, cast the deciding vote when things reached deadlock — a decision that has sparked criticism.

Speaking this week, Cllr Barber said: “We need to keep the lights on and to do that we need to find new and environmentally friendly ways of creating power.

“I felt then and still do now that the turbine is far enough away from homes to be given permission.

“Turbines are becoming common place all over Europe and we should follow suit.”

Winston, named by pupils at Awsworth Primary School, will be switched on before March.

Jon Beeson, renewable energy specialist at Severn Trent, said: “Our work to construct the new wind turbine has been challenging due to the recent weather.

“However, we’re pleased that it’s now in place and we expect it will start to produce energy for the first time before the end of March. A huge amount of energy is needed to provide water and waste water services to our customers.

“Winston will help us to limit the amount of electricity we need to take from the National Grid and reduce our carbon footprint.”

We asked Facebook followers what they thought of the new wind turbine.

Nicky Baker posted: “Absolutely amazing.

“Watched it being erected, it’s just beyond words.

“How can this be called an eyesore?!

“We need more around they are great for the environment.”

Andy Morley posted: “I think it’s great we need more of them, green energy has to be a good thing right??”

While James Beardsley commented: “ Wind turbines aren’t as green as people think. It takes more energy to manufacture one than it will ever produce in its lifetime.”

Gemma-Louise Padgett said: “ You go out my mum and dad’s door and you can see it. It’s an awful sight. People should of been asked about it before it got put up.”

Joy Pickup Travis simply described it as: “An eyesore!!”

But Josie Fox said: “I think they look majestic. If everyone had this NIMBY attitude when electricity pylons were first put up then electricity would have only been available for the few.”

Joy Pickup Travis simply described it as: “An eyesore!!