In desperate need of homes


I am interested in the letter from David Hale last week seeking support for his objections to the proposed housing developments in the Watnall/Kimberley area.

I’ve known David for many years through our association with Kimberley Cricket Club but I have to disagree with him on this subject.

I was born in Kimberley and during the late 40’s and 50’s huge house building projects took place to meet the housing demand and consequently we lost many fields that we used for recreation, including the Wolsey cricket ground, when Larkfield’s housing estate was built creating over two thousand dwellings.

When I moved to Giltbrook it was a similar story with fields and allotments being used for housing.

Had planning applications been turned down for these projects using the green field argument then it’s quite possible that I and many more would not be owning our own homes today because their scarcity would have made them unaffordable.

The population of this country has doubled over the last few decades and is increasing at an alarming rate which is creating a massive housing shortage.

Is it fair that, we, who have our own homes, should object to future housing developments thus denying our younger generations their opportunity of owning their own homes?

It would be wonderful if all our housing needs could be met by using just brownfield sites but this just isn’t possible, so shouldn’t we be humble enough to accept this and be prepared to sacrifice a few more green fields along with their pleasant views in order to give everyone a chance to buy a house.

A fair chance to own a house with an added bonus of providing much needed local employment for the construction industry.

Graham Baker