Inspirational torch bearers


A SCOUT, charity fundraiser, netball champion and sport coach all took part in the Olympic torch relay as it came to the Midlands last week.

Zach Radford from Kimberley works as a beaver leader, a cub leader, does volunteer work with the Wildlife Trust and works with rescue seals.

He carried the torch through Kirton and said: “It was the most amazing experience of my life.”

Zach’s mum, Dawn, said: “I was torn between tears of how proud of him I was and absolute joy. I was bursting with pride.

“It was brilliant. He ran all along the school children giving them the torch to hold before they lit it. It was really exciting. A wonderful atmosphere.”

Hollie Ross, also from Kimberley, ran with the torch through Calow.

She was nominated by her sister after doing 16 charity runs last year raising over £1,000, whilst training to be a nurse at the same time.

Georgia Zadins from Selston Arts and Community College carried the Olympic torch through East Markham.

The 12-year-old was nominated for her determination and achievements as a netball player, despite having bad asthma, and her overall attitude towards school work.

Teachers described has as ‘inspirational’ and a ‘model student’.

Georgia’s mum said: “She was so excited she was shaking at the start.

“She was absolutely delighted to have been nominated.”

The sport coach at Greasley Beauvale Primary School, Glenn Chambers, was also a torch bearer and ran through Mansfield.

The coach, who lives in Underwood, played football for the England and British Police football teams and later went onto manage them. In May, Glenn received a national award for services in the police force during his 30 years service.