Is enough done for Lawrence?


It was with growing concern and sadness that I read Laura Rands’ article on the future sale of the Lawrence school.

Her repetition of the hopes of Lawrence enthusiasts’ that a buyer would come forward who would maintain the links with the world famous author did not ring true.

To say that the present headteacher valued the Lawrence connection and had demonstrated this by keeping ‘a few artefacts on show’ was very revealing.

A more appropriate demonstration of her appreciation of the author would have been to retain his name, however that did not happen and the name disappeared to be replaced by ‘a rainbow’.

I was amazed to read that the design of the school was more typical of workhouses than schools.

This letter is beginning to sound peevish and petty.

I wanted pay a last tribute to a school which afforded the staff who worked there such joy in the achievements of the pupils, much appreciation of the parents who supported them so loyally and effectively, and also gave pleasure to the many who visited to share in the Lawrence experience.

Connie Winsor