Is this how we work together?


I must reply to your article under the heading ‘Council needs to grow up and work together.’

The Labour group have time after time asked the Lib Dems to work with us, but have continually been rebuffed.

The latest example of their ‘go it alone’ policy involves the Community Development Fund.

Just under £34,000 has been made available to Eastwood South, payable in four tranches of £5,624 for the first year, £8,489 for the second year, £8,488 for the third year and a final payment of £11,309 in year four.

The money has come via the County Council and Cllr Keith Longdon has been charged with putting a panel together to distribute the money to worthy causes.

The panel consists of Cllr Longdon, Cllr Josie Forrest, Lee-Ann Foreman and David Page. All Liberal Democrats.

Mr Mark Pickford is a panel partner, and head of the local comprehensive school where Cllrs Longdon and Forrest are governors.

To put some balance on the panel, at least one Broxtowe Borough councillor for Eastwood South should have been invited to join them.

An ideal candidate would be Cllr Susan Bagshaw.

As the manager at the Eastwood Volunteer Bureau she is in an excellent position to know where the money is most needed.

At the last council meeting, no mention of this was given under the County Councillors report, despite the fact that the first meeting of the panel had been held the previous Friday.

This is the Lib Dem idea of working together for the benefit of the community.

The Community Development Initiative is government sponsored with criteria which includes provisions that the money must be used for the benefit of Eastwood South only and that no schools must be beneficiaries.

The panel must be a minimum of four members and a maximum of eight.

Yet there is room on the panel for Labour members.

If the Lib Dem commitment to working together is not just empty rhetoric, they should be inviting Eastwood South Labour members at Broxtowe onto the panel.

Charlie Robb