‘It was the best feeling in the world’


A band from Eastwood opened Splendour Festival in front of 15,000 people and said it was ‘the best feeling in the world’.

The two brothers from Newthrope – also known as Brotherhood – secured a performance at the renown Nottinghamshire festival after winning a prestigious music competition.

Band member Ant Green said it was ‘amazing’, and the best thing about it was the reaction from the crowd.

The brothers said they felt honoured to have such a large crowd as the opening act mid afternoon.

“Normally it’s quite sparse for the opening act but there were about 15,000 people.

“It was just awesome.”

Ant said they were both nervous during the first song, until they knew the audience was ‘on their side’.

“We didn’t know what the reaction would be like.

“But the first song finished and the roar went up, and the rest of our set just flew by.”

His brother Matt said: “It was best feeling in the world really. I can’t explain it.

“It was great seeing people out there who come regularly to see us, but also to see new people enjopying it and asking us aferewards where they can see us again.”

The brothers normally perform in front of audiences of between 200 and 300 people.

Ant and Matt made the most of networking at the event, and are now in talks with people about financing a tour.

The brothers met Tony Hadley and members of Busted and the Kaiser Chiefs – the headline acts.

Matt said the band’s facebook and twitter account had ‘gone crazy’ since the gig.

“It was massively different for us. So much bigger than our usual gigs.”

The duo released their first single last week, called Winner. Their first album, Occupational Hazard, will be released on August 25.