Italian Job for musical students

Lake Garda trip
Lake Garda trip

Talented pupils from The Kimberley school enjoyed an Italian adventure as they headed to Europe a week of musical performances, pizza and pasta.

Thirty-six pupils aged between 11 and 17 enjoyed a school trip to Lake Garda where they performed in the open air in the spectacular Levico Terme, Salo and at a nursing home in Verona.

Lake Garda trip

Lake Garda trip

For many of the students it was their first trip abroad and proved to be a memorable one.

At their first performance in Levico Terme to an audience of around 85 locals and visitors, some of the solo performances moved the audience to tears.

In stark comparison, their performance the following night in Salo featured the school’s lively samba band.

The group’s final performance gave the students the opportunity to give something back to the local community that had hosted them as the students performed in Casa Serena nursing home in Verona.

Music teacher Kelly John-Baptiste was swept off her feet by 76-year-old resident Bruno who had danced professionally in his youth and was keen to show off his moves to ‘Car Wash’, and another resident, Anna, managed to crochet to the beat of the songs.

The students were also treated to several sight-seeing trips throughout the week, including a boat journey on Lake Garda, climbing to the top of Malcesine Castle and even a day at a waterpark.

On the final night the trip the group watched Verdi’s opera ‘Aida’ at the grand Arena di Verona which put their Italian to the test,

Miss John-Baptiste said that the trip had been a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by both the staff and the students.

She added: “All in all the experience has definitely made a lasting impression on the group and we would like to thank all those that made it possible.”