Jackie returns home after 25 years abroad

A woman has returned home to Bagthorpe after running businesses abroad for 25 years.

Jacquelin, 49, left England in 1987 and has lived and worked in three different countries since.

Now after 25 years and many exciting experiences she has returned home to refresh memories with family and friends and to settle down for good.

Jackie grew up in Eastwood, where she started her professional career as a sales administrator. In 1986 she left the region and went with her husband to St Andrews in Scotland.

In 1987 they moved to Germany where they ran several golf clubs, but after the pair divorced, Jackie moved to Egypt.

There, she ran several more golf courses and remarried.

She later opened her own ladies fashion boutique in Hurghada and took a diploma in Interior Design, and soon after the couple moved to Turkey.

Now, back home, Jackie has started a very interesting job as interior design consultant at Next and is preparing an independent online -shipping service for exclusive home decoration boxes.

Rolf, her husband, instead wants to offer his long experience in golf business, journalism and club restaurant catering.

He also wants to offer consultancy service to people in England who intend to move to Turkey or Egypt with investments.

“Sun, beaches and southern ambience blind people and very often they don’t see the hidden defects and tricks of oriental business”, he said.