Jayne is a firm believer in fate

Jayne Stephens
Jayne Stephens

Jayne Stephens is a firm believer in fate after she survived eight cardiac arrests in just one week.

The 56-year-old, who lives in Kimberley, was home alone when she had the first heart attack, which she said would have killed her if her daughter had not dropped by.

“Fate had it that Hayley called round that day,” she said.

Reliving her nightmare, Jayn, told how she collapsed in the kitchen and was “technically dead” when she was found by her daughter, who in desperation carried out CPR despite having no training.

“I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it was just instinct to do it,” said Hayley.

“I shouted for help and two passing Jehovah’s Witnesses called the emergency services.

“On that day I had no intentions of visiting mum but a voice in my head told me to do so,” added Hayley.

Off-duty Paramedic Mark Bushell, who lives in Kimberley, responded to an emergency call and arrived on the scene within minutes.

“It was due to Mark’s professionalism and medical expertise that mum has lived to tell the tale,” said modest Hayley.

“He set up a defibrillator, found her heart rhythm and applied shock treatment.”

An ambulance arrived and Jayne was rushed to hospital, where she spent a week in an induced coma.

But the nightmare went on and on and during that week Jayne suffered another seven cardiac arrests.

She has since earned the title of ‘wonder woman’ from her grandchildren who are pupils at Larkfields Infants and Larkfields Junior School in Nuthall.

Survivor Jayne said the near death experiences have given her family a whole new outlook on life, and has given her personally a new zest for life too.

”Nine of us in our family have recently been baptised by the vicar at Greasley St Mary’s Church,” she said.

“I feel so much better and I have also pursued an interest in art by attending a few classes at a group which meets in Eastwood.

“It gets me out of the house and being in the company of others is very beneficial.”

Jayne said she is also trying to raise awareness and encourage people to do First Aid courses.

“My family and I are encouraging young people to take more interest in their bodies and their health by learning new skills and sharing their knowledge with others,

“I have been very fortunate and when I sit quietly on my own I realise how important it is to have such a loving family around me and friends who care.

“I give thanks every day and although I am not a firm believer I realise that God was watching over me and fate too played an invaluable part in keeping me alive.”

The family would like to thank everyone for the support, good wishes, love and friendship, they keep on receiving.

They would particularly like to express their gratitude to the Jehovah’s Witness ladies and especially the medical professionals who played a huge part in Jayne’s survival.