Jesus is often the missing piece of the jigsaw of life

All those who met the risen Jesus were totally transformed by their meeting with him.

Initially of course it was Mary, who simply could not comprehend why the stone had been removed and the tomb was empty and mistook her risen Lord for the gardener.

She did eventually recognise him when he called her by name, and then she could not wait to tell the other disciples the incredible news.

Then of course there was Thomas, who was not with the other disciples on the evening of first Easter day when the Lord appeared to them in the upper room.

He refused to take their word for it, demanding that he see Jesus for himself before he would believe.

When he did eventually see Jesus he can only admit that he had made an awful mistake in failing to believe them when they had reported the news to him.

None of the disciples were ever the same again, they all devoted the rest of there lives, often at great personal cost, to telling everyone they could, just how amazing Jesus is.

Jesus still has the power today to transform the lives of all those who meet him.

Recently, I heard the true story of a boy who had been knocked down by a car in a village on the outskirts of Leicester.

As he lay seriously injured in the road a lady from the local church passed by and offered to pray for him.

When he eventually got to the hospital the doctors were surprised to find that miraculously he had only very minor injuries.

Not surprisingly, the whole of the boy’s families became Christians as a result.

This story is far from unique. I could tell the stories of those who had been contemplating suicide, or of those who were long term addicts, or of those whose lives were in a complete mess, who have in unexpected ways encountered the risen Christ, maybe because of meeting another Christian who had prayed for them and as a result have experienced his power to radically transform there lives for the better.

Don’t miss out let Jesus transform your life too.

Rev Dave Stevenson

Priest in charge of Brinsley with Underwood & St Mary’s Eastwood