Join in fundraising fun

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Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust are asking people to dust down their garden furniture, get the parasols out and start bug hunting and pond dipping for a spot of fundraising fun in their gardens with friends and family this week (June 5 until June 7).

For more than 50 years, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has been working to protect the county’s wildlife and green spaces.

By caring for nature reserves, campaigning to save sites from development and inspiring young people about the wonders of the natural world, they are safeguarding the wildlife on your doorstep.

However, the Trust can only do this thanks to donations and they are asking people to get involved by holding a fundraising garden party, large or small.

The more parties held across the county, the more fun is to be had and the more money raised to enable the Wildlife Trust to continue its county-wide work.

Just £12 pays towards hedging plants for a metre of hedge. Important for dormice who use the hedgerows as corridors between woods. A sum of £100 brings 20 children closer to nature, through our education programme.

Rachel Rutherford, of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, said: “Last year’s garden parties across the county were held by all sorts of people and many shared their photos on our social media. So I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos again this year.

“Whether it’s cow cup cakes like we had last year, or just tea and cakes on the patio with a few friends in your garden, it would be great to see and a great boost for fundraising.”

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