Ken tells us his life story

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A FOUNDING member of Eastwood’s British Legion has written a book about his life history.

Ken Marsland from Giltbrook has spent the last two years working on ‘Those Were The Days my Friend’, writing an amusing account of his life’s adventures and achievements.

The 87-year-old who was made Freeman of Broxtowe borough back in the 90s for his contributions in the community, said he was inspired by a friend from Kimberley who is an author, Gloria Morgan.

“I was talking to Gloria about old times and she said to me ‘why not put it down in book form’,” he said. “I like a challenge and that was a challenge for me.

“Gloria helped me every inch of the way. She gave me advice on what to do,” he added.

Mr Marsland, of Giltbrook Crescent, was a founder of the Eastwood Royal British Legion, a member of Kimberley History Society and a Greasley parish councillor for eight years.

He was a volunteer in the fire service and spent years helping pensioners with their shopping and giving them lifts to hospital appointments.

Mr Marsland, who has lived in the area all his life, was a dispatch rider at the old Kimberley Midland Railway Station, served in the army, and became a joiner later in life.

To order a copy of the book, priced £7.99, call Mr Marsland on 0115 9389556.