Kids pick litter up at new skatepark

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Youngsters in Nuthall are so proud of a new skatepark facility on the Basil Russell Playing Field they have started picking up litter to keep it tidy.

Nuthall Parish Council clerk Sue Stack said the kids have ‘taken ownership’ of the skatepark, picking up litter and reporting foul play in the area.

She said she felt ‘proud’ of them and the skatepark had turned out to be a ‘true success story’.

“They seem really proud of it and want to keep it nice tidy. They have really taken ownership of it,” she said.

“It’s brilliant. They have a community of their own. All the dog walkers have been saying how nice it is to see the kids having fun. There’s no swearing or fighting. They are just all having fun.

“I’m really pleased. It’s better than I ever thought it would be. It’s been a true success story.”

The skaters have been picking up all their own litter at the end of each day, and before a bin was put near the site, they were taking their rubbish to the bin at the opposite end of the park.

They also reported a fire after yobs set one of the park fences alight.

“They had already alerted the fire brigade before us!,” said Mrs Stack.

“I was really proud of them.”

The skatepark was built after 11-year-old local schoolboy Ben Hatton campaigned for the facility.

He did presentations at local councils and schools to convince councillors and fellow school pupils it was a good idea and to get the funding.

The whole project cost £35,000 and it officially opened at the end of March.

The council is now extending the skatepark to add a ‘grind box’, and several of the children have offered to help build it.

Mrs Stack said the council would look at extending it further if things continued to go well.