Kids really are not all ‘yobs’


You kindly print a monthly report that David Page writes on behalf of the Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch but I thought I would inform your readers of how the meetings are progressing.

At the last meeting earlier in February we had representation from Eastwood Comprehensive school.

Last year a MP from London was invited to give a talk to a group of students at Eastwood Comprehensive School and as a governor of this school I (together with Cllr Keith Longdon who is also a governor) attended the talk to show our support.

A student asked ‘how do we reach out to the community and assure them that not all young people are ‘yobs’.

Keith and I decided we would like to get the youth involved in Neighbourhood Watch and their input at the last meeting was excellent.

It is the aim of these students to provide a facility for young people’s leisure activities as a means of combating a false perception that all our younger citizens are responsible for anti-social behaviour.

The meeting also emphasised how the inclusion of our younger generation could mean communication by the use of the social website like Facebook and Twitter and would be an advantage for publicising Neighbourhood Watch.

I wish them all the very best and hope to encourage them in their endeavours.

Cllr Josie Forrest



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