Kimberley councillor celebrates UK citizenship

Cllr Kat Boettge displays her certification of British Citizenship
Cllr Kat Boettge displays her certification of British Citizenship

Green Party councillor Kat Boettge is celebrating confirmation of her British Citizenship.

The Kimberley Town Councillor said she was “delighted” by the news, as she is now able to run for General Elections as a parliamentary candidate for Nottingham North.

Ms Boettge is originally from Germany and has lived in the UK for over 15 years. She has held various positions within the Green Party including regional coordinator, 2014 lead candidate for the European elections for East Midlands, and is presently a Town Councillor for KTC.

She is a single parent, living with her teenage daughter, and works as a psychotherapist.

She will also be standing in Kimberley for the town council and for Broxtowe Borough Council elections in May.

Ms Boettge said; “I am delighted to have gained British nationality. The UK is my home and my daughter’s birth place. I feel this citizenship recognises me as a valid, responsible and contributing member of this lovely country.

Although I had my personal reasons to become British as I feel at home here, this has been also important for me so I can represent the Green Party in the general elections. I felt greatly supported by my fellow party colleagues who have been encouraging and allowed me to be selected with the citizenship pending, which shows how accommodating and open our party is. The Green Party sincerely values diversity and inclusion.

One big problem in this country is that politicians come from wealthy backgrounds, are usually white and male. I do not think they understand normal problems most of us face, particularly people with disabilities, single parents, minorities and the youth without rich parents. I have experienced many struggles as a woman, single parent and a migrant.

“I would like to be the voice for all to make this a fairer society.”