Kimberley folk say bad traffic needs sorting

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People in Kimberley said their main issues of concern were bad traffic and too many housing developments being built.

Speaking ahead of the Nottinghamshire County Council elections next month, residents said roads were too congested and would be unable to carry the extra traffic caused by the new developments.

Sheila Rawson lives in Swingate and said the one way system made it very difficult for drivers to see as they entereed the road at the top of Greens Lane.

“There should be a mirror at the top of Greens Lane as you go into Swingate.

“It’s extremely awkward. You can’t see.

“There’s a lot of cars parked around the corner and there’s a nursery as well. I’ve lived there for years. People always moan about it and still nothing has been done.”

Mrs Rawson, 65, said she wanted to see the road be made two-way.

“It would be easier if it was two-way but the road is very narrow so I’m not sure how they would do that,” she said.

“They just need a mirror. If a bus comes round you are stuck,” she added.

Peter Button said he also had concerns about traffic and said a police station was needed in the town.

“Traffic is my main concern locally more than anything.

“They’re building a lot around here and I think there’s a lot more areas they can fill up instead where the roads would handle it better.

“The road situation here does not allow for any more traffic than there already has.”

Mr Button also said he would like to see a police station back in Kimberley.

“It would be nice to have a police station for people to use.

“People need a police station.

“There just doesn’t seem to be the support for poeple nowadays.

“They take these facilities away without considering the consequences and how it affects people.”

Others issues affecting people in the town included a lack of amenities to cater for extra housing, the state of the roads and poor bus services.

The county council elections take place on May 5.

Chris Currie, 42, Kimberley

“The main one is the roads. The pot holes. They are just awful in Maws Lane, Cliff Boulevard, High Spania and the Holly Road area. They are just terrible.”

Chris Main-Reade, 69, Giltbrook

“We bought our house because it had such a great bus service nearby and it’s been taken away. We felt completely let down by the council because that was the reason we bought the property. It’s just typical.”

Sandra Gavin, 71, Nuthall

“The roads mostly and the pot holes. It’s like a third world country around here. They are not repaired properly either. There should be an inspector who comes round following the work that’s done because it looks awful. It’s all over the side roads and the main roads.”

Mark Rowlands, 64, Watnall

“When I think about what my concerns are locally I think we need to look at the bigger picture. We need a better country to live in to make Kimberley better. It’s not about one or two issues. The country needs to be a better place to live in for everybody. Whatever goes on at central Government affects our local problems.”

Chris wilkinson, 34, Awsworth

“They are building a lot of houses which is an issue for anybody who lives in a small village or a small town. 250 properties are proposed for Awsworth and there just aren’t the amenities to cater for them. There are no doctors surgeries, two corner shops and one small school. There’s not enough school space as it is.”