Kimberley School plans big event to mark 100 years since outbreak of WWI

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A local school will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One next month with a school-wide event.

A cross-curricular ‘extravaganza’ will take place at the Kimberley School and for one day every lesson will be focused on the ‘Great War’.

On Thursday July 10 the pupils will receive a variety of ‘engaging’ sessions from English lessons on literature, poetry and writtten media from the war, and maths’ statistical analysis on some ‘interesting and harrowing’ figures.

Lessons in subjects such as PE and technology subjecs will also be centred on activities from the wartime period.

James Clegg, a maths teacher at the Kimberley School who has helped organise the event says he is looking forward to the attraction, which has taken a lot of planning and preparation.

He added: “As teaching staff here at the school we have focused a lot of time and energy in to the planning of this event and cannot wait to see the children’s reactions to the stories, events and issues of the war.”

Next month marks 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, which began on July 28 2014 and lasted to November 11 1918.