Labour chief salutes Carol

Ashfield heroes honoured at Parliament
Ashfield heroes honoured at Parliament

A Westwood woman described as a ‘tireless campaigner’ for the community was honoured a reception hosted by Labour leader Ed Milliband.

Carol Rigby was invited to the event after she refused to take no for an answer in a fight to get safety measures installed outside Westwood Infant and Nursery School.

Carol was welcomed to the the reception by Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero.

It was hosted at Westminster and aimed to honour the achievements of unsung heroes across the country.

Gloria said that she wanted to ensure that some of the people who really made their mark on the area were recognised on the night.

She added: “I was so proud to welcome them to Parliament and they truly deserved their place at the reception after everything they have done and fought for.

“Each one of them has made their mark in our area in their own way and this area is all the better because of people like Carol.”

Gloria was helped by Carol to secure a victory earlier this year when the increasing pressure they put on to Nottinghamshire County Council led to the new road safety measures being installed.

Two other people from the Ashfield area were praised at the event which aimed to shine a spotlight on those heroes in the community who helped to make a difference.

They were treat to drinks and nibbles in the Leader of the Opposistion’s office.