Labour will improve the quality of life for millions

Gloria De Piero MP
Gloria De Piero MP

The events in the Supreme Court and Parliament last week dominated the headlines and somewhat overshadowed some excellent policy announcements from this year’s Labour Party conference, writes Gloria De Piero MP.

These announcements were for actions that will have genuine, positive effects on ordinary people, whose lives have been made more difficult by ten years of austerity.

Plans to introduce free personal care for older people so they can live independently in their own homes is one of the best examples.

A Labour government would create a national care service, funded by taxing the highest five per cent of earners, which will ensure that families do not have to fight to secure suitable care for their relatives.

The financial burden of kitting out children in school uniform is another issue Labour will address.

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Government research found that in 2015, the average expenditure on school uniforms and PE kit was more than £300 per pupil.

Now this will vary from school to school, but I know from constituents that some Ashfield parents are struggling to afford school uniforms.

Labour’s policy is to introduce a price cap, set by the Competition and Markets Authority, on school uniforms to save money for parents and ensure that children don’t lose out as a result of high prices.

One of the scourges of our society today is the fact that some people are working two or three zero-hours jobs and failing to earn enough to live.

Labour’s working time reduction policy aims to end this scandal.

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This is about increasing productivity by ensuring workers have a better work-life balance and future proofing the workplace in the face of increased automation.

It will see the introduction of a real living wage and sector-wide collective bargaining to ensure rights for workers with the aim of introducing a 32-hour working week.

It is policies like these which will improve the quality of life of millions of ordinary people.

These are why we need a Labour Government.

Gloria De Piero is MP for Ashfield.