Lawrence documentary on BBC

Photograph of D.H. Lawrence probably taken in the 1920s
Photograph of D.H. Lawrence probably taken in the 1920s

A documentary on Eastwood-born author DH Lawrence will be aired on BBC2 this weekend, focusing on his relationship with his hometown.

The special episode of the Culture Show, which will be screened on Saturday (November 23) at 9.45pm, was filmed at local landmarks including The Breach House, the second of the four Lawrence family homes in Eastwood, and Vine Cottage, the writer’s Aunt Polly’s former home.

The episode will also focus on Lawrence’s famous novel Sons and Lovers which celebrated the centenary of its publication earlier this year.

Documentary writer Geoff Dyer, accompanied by Lawrence scholar Catherine Brown, retreads the Alpine journey that the love-struck Lawrence made when he eloped from England with the sexually liberated Frieda Weekley, in 1912.

It was an extraordinary trip that enabled him to complete the novel – his first masterpiece – and also marked the moment when he decided to risk everything for his writing.

The film ranges over the globetrotting story of Lawrence’s life and work and takes the opportunity to fight back against his many critics.

With assistance from Lawrence admirers the hikers peel back the stereotype of Lawrence as that earnest, one-track-mind novelist to reveal one of the most adventurous, humane and influential figures of the 20th century.