Lawrence expert: Author would hate to see Greasley development

DH Lawrence
DH Lawrence

An expert on Eastwood’s father of literature has struck out against Broxtowe Borough Council’s preferred allocation of greenbelt release which may threaten “Lawrence’s own countyside.”

Dave Brock, 64, who is an active campaigner for preserving nature and editor of the DH Lawrence Society newsletter, said the great writer wouldn’t approve of development one bit.

View over fields off mansfield Road towards Brinsley, a preffered location for housing.

View over fields off mansfield Road towards Brinsley, a preffered location for housing.

He added: “ I think Lawrence would be upset about anymore of what he would regard as ugly buildings on these fields.

“He referred to these fields famously as “the country of my heart” so the idea of hundreds of houses in Lawrence’s own country - it’s crazy.”

When i was a lad greenfield sites were absolutely sacrosanct. Since this government it’s all changed. They don’t seem to value the sanctity of the land. The views and the vistas have been eroded over years and this is another incursion.

Lawrence hated the way houses were designed and mass produced, added Mr Brock.

he said: “He wrote in A Dream of Life” that he returned tohis home land and fell asleep in a quarry, to wake up in a future where the town lived in harmony with nature.”

BBC’s consultation documents make no mention of the cultural value of the land in connection to Lawrence, but acknowledge in responses to the consultation that issues would be “addressed in line with comments of English Heritage”.

Phoenix Planning said in the consultation: “Brinsley and Eastwood have areas that are historically sensitive (with relation to DH Lawrence) which should be protected.

English Heritage commented: “The significance of assets should also be considered and not simply visual impact”, but did not refer to Lawrence’s fields specifically.”