Lawrence fan boycotts meetings

Eastwood Conservative Club.
Eastwood Conservative Club.

A member of the DH Lawrence Society is boycotting group meetings at Eastwood’s Conservative Club – because he believes the Tories made the writer’s life a misery.

And Dave Brock said if an alternative venue was not found he would be forced to launch his own group of “Lawrence lovers”.

Mr Brock, who has boycotted meetings for six months said: “Lawrence would be incensed and infuriated at the thought of the society holding meetings there. I believe it’s a betrayal of Lawrence.

“Throughout his life he was persecuted by the Tories, because of his freedom of expression on sexual matters.

“The Conservatives attacked him again and again throughout his life about his portrayal of men and women.

“They made his life a misery and wanted to burn his books.”

Mr Brock said any revenue from Society meetings would be funding the Tory party.

He said: “It’s a registered charity and it’s a strict condition that it has to be non-political.

“Conservative Clubs exist to fund the Tory party. Any revenue is given to the party – room hire, drinks, snacks.

“There are at last four other venues in Eastwood that have offered us accommodation free of charge, including Durban House, which would have been perfect.”

Mr Brock said the society had originally planned to hold just six meetings there, due to several members being unhappy with it and it being a trial period. He said“We were told the last meeting would be the last there, but now they have apparently decided to stay put, so that means that myself and a handful of others will not be able to attend Lawrence Society meetings.

“That’s outrageous.”