Leader signs letter to Times slamming cuts

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The leader of Broxtowe Borough Council signed a letter to The Times newspaper criticising the scale of cuts being imposed on local councils and calling for the Secretary of State for Local Government to be replaced.

Cllr Watts was one of 91 Liberal Democrat council leaders who signed the letter, printed in The Times on February 11, calling for Eric Pickles to go.

Cllr Watts said: “Year on year local government has produced the sort of savings that the government needs to achieve.

“Rather than recognising this fact, Mr Pickles chooses to engage in silly name calling and collective insults to local government, and seems desperate to completely ruin the systems that we have in place.

“I’ve made by points personally to him, face to face, and to the Prime Minister.

“This letter keeps the pressure on. Central Government needs to work with us, not against us, and to do that Mr Pickles has to go.”

Broxtowe Borough Council has not yet announced its budget plans for the next couple of years.