Legal action threat over party leaflet

jason zadrozny
jason zadrozny
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LIBERAL Democrat politicians in Eastwood have taken legal action against the town’s Labour Party, claiming they lied in a party leaflet distributed around the town.

The Labour Party said in a leaflet handed out this week that the Liberal Democrats had ‘not kept to one promise apart from trying to introduce AV (Alternative Voting)’.

But Lib Dem parliamentary spokesman for the area, Jason Zadrozny, claims the allegations are false and therefore illegal and has now instructed a solicitor to issue Labour with a letter requesting them to retract the allegation within 21 days.

“It is factually incorrect,” Cllr Zadrozny said. “We have realised 60 per cent of specific manifesto pledges.

“We are saying to them retract it or go to court. It’s mischievous that they have done it and we are not standing for any nonsense.

“The public are rightly upset over some things and we will be judged for those at election time, but we will not be lied about.”

The leaflet was distributed early this week when Lib Dem politicians began getting phone calls from concerned party members and upset residents.

The solicitor’s letter asks for the Labour Party to print a retraction in the Advertiser and in its next party leaflet within 21 days, or face possible court action.

Cllr Zadrozny said: “In this day and age the public expect more from their politicians. It’s mud slinging.

“You can’t just rubbish people. Everyone should be held up to acceptable rules.”

But Labour councillor for Eastwood, Charlie Robb, said he would not back down and defended the contents of the leaflet.

“I stand by the statement I printed, one has only to look at the record of the Lib Dems in Government,” he told the Advertiser.

“To get power, they sacrificed their principles and sold their souls for a back seat in the limousine.”

The Lib Dems claims the party committed an offence under the Political Parties and Referendum Act 2001.

In December last year an Oldham MP was forced to resign after being dragged through the courts accused of lying in a pre-election leaflet.