Let’s hand out the ear plugs!


Do these people have no happy memories of playground friends running around having fun and playing games. No joy in their hearts, these minority of people. No souls.

They are a very loud minority with demands for the repression of children.

Now beaurocrats on Broxtowe Borough Council are even threatening legal action.

What planet are they on? Following their idea to a logical conclusion, all schools in Broxtowe will have to be closed and rebuilt away from adults.

Greenbelt activists please note. All sports and football grounds including Eastwood Town Football Club will have to go due to crowd noise.

The whole borough will be pedestrianised to stop engine noise. Council and civilian grass and hedge cutters face redundancy due to noise abatement.

But wait! A simple solution would be to send the few complaints a packet of ear plugs each and tell them to get a life.

Bring on the marching band! Hallelujah!

J R Sisson

Park Avenue,