Let’s take fight to the Tories - MP

Nottingham North MP Graham Allen
Nottingham North MP Graham Allen

Labour party members need to “buckle down and get on with job in hand” says Bulwell MP Graham Allen, following Jeremy Corbyn’s second election triumph as leader.

The Nottingham North MP said “members have made a clear decision - now it’s time for everyone to get on and take the fight to the real enemy - the Conservatives.”

He said: “They’re the people making very poor decisions and they’re led by a PM who has not even been elected.

“We’re in danger of returning power from Brussells bureaucrats and giving it to Whitehall bureacrats.”

He slammed ‘wacky’ Tory plans to expand grammar schools in England and said they were “irrelevant to raising standards in North Nottingham.”

Mr Allen also expressed concerns about the possibility of Donald Trump becoming US president and the propsect of more migration from the war-torn Middle East.

“We have to get the best deal we can following the EU referendum,” he added. “The role of the Labour party has always been to stick up for people. We have got to get back to some of the fundamentals.

“People want the Labour party to stand up for them and that’s what we will continue to do.”

A NorthNottingham constituency meeting is set for Friday, he said, when the party “will set out our stall.”