Letter: Council is behind a lot of positives

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I have received the August issue of Kimberley Residents Association’s newsletter and a letter from the Green Party.
I don’t feel that I’m qualified to wade into the larger political points in question, but I do feel that whenever there are plans to spend public money then the issue is likely to be contentious. 
I have to wonder if there is any point in calling a by-election at the moment as surely that would cost yet more money?
I feel a lot of the comments made about the council are rather one-sided. Nobody has talked about the good things the council has been doing.
I think Kimberley looks beautiful - the flowerbeds have looked lovely all summer.
Recent events such as the afternoon tea and the pensioners’ lunches have been great. How lovely to support the community in these ways instead of solely leaving generosity to Christmas time.
Small grants to support local children have been greatly appreciated, e.g. the parish hall has a mirror and ballet bar which benefits the dance classes held there. A local playgroup was able to go on a trip to White Post Farm after the council helped to pay for coach hire. 
We are lucky to have this support for the community and hopefully it will continue.

Ros Broker,

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