Letter: Councillors can make a difference

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It is very sad when anyone behaves badly, and the easiest thing to do is shut up or walk away. 
But does that make it right? No it does not!
Each time a parish or town councillor throws their toys out of the pram because they cannot get their own way, can become very expensive.
Every election can cost several thousand pounds of our tax money.
Independent Cllr Stephen Green has put up with all sorts of issues since he was elected in 2012 onto Nuthall Parish Council, Has he walked away? NO! He is made of sterner stuff,and with my help as his PA he has, and still is, making a difference in our community.
If the two Green councillors who resigned from Kimberley Town Council recently had waited just a little longer they could have recorded/filmed their meetings and put them on the internet.
From August 6 anyone is able to record/film parish and town council meetings. Those behaving badly will not like it, and others will be able to show the good work they do.
With Cllr Green’s approval, I wish to share part of a letter he has recently received.

‘Dear Stephen, You don’t know me, we’ve never met and I live some distance from you. I’ve just been reading an article about you and your role as a parish councillor in Nuthall, the first parish councillor with Down’s syndrome.
Whilst I don’t have Down’s I do suffer from a mental illness called CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
I know what it is like to be pigeonholed/stereotyped by so called ‘normal’ people in society.
I think what you and Nuthall Parish Council are doing is a huge step forward. Not only for the Down’s community but for other minority groups too. So stand tall, be proud and make sure you do a good job for all of us. I’m sure you are already. God bless you mate.

Grenville Green,

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