LETTER: Councillors can rise above petty squabbles

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We refer to your article ‘Put the people first – not point scoring’ (Chad, October 28) with sadness and dismay. With sadness if true and dismay if as frequent as you state.

ACCESS, (Annesley Community Committed to Ensuring Sustainable Settlements), a non-political aligned community group, has been actively engaged with many projects over the last 12 years.

During this time, we have found our ward councillors, especially Coun Davis and Coun Madden - as we are sure most ward councillors are ‑ diligent and responsive with uppermost the thoughts and concerns of the residents they represent, and not marred by party politics or point scoring. Their effort and time contribution, as with most councillors, be it a ward or parish councillor, often being under-valued and unrecognised.

However, even if there is a modicum of truth with your assertions, all councillors should be aware that the district is facing one of the most severe tests in the near future – the formulation of the long overdue ‘Local Plan’.

This should take their undivided attention to ensure fairness across the district. I/we are aware of previous strong personalities within the elected officers of Ashfield council, but are re-assured by the appointment of the current leadership and deputy leadership and knowledge of some of the remaining councillors, that they can rise above any petty squabbles for the benefit of all, which we urge all to do.

Peter Olko

Chairman of ACCESS

Robert Collier

Vice-chairman ACCESS