LETTER: Hazardous Pathways

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In November I had a nasty fall in Eastwood.

I tripped up a raised block-paving brick then over an adjacent uneven rain gully, resulting in several hours in A&E. I notified Notts County Council and I was sent an insurance-claim form. 
The council has never contacted me regarding my progress but after 13 weeks off work (gradually being phased back in) and still taking painkillers and having physiotherapy on my arm and shoulder, I was told it I am not entitled to compensation as “we do not consider the area to be hazardous as there have been no previous complaints or incidents reported at this location”. What does the council class as hazardous? Does a paving brick have to be raised a certain height to be classed hazardous? Uneven pavements/paving, rain gullies along pavements in front of shop doorways, crumbling pedestrian crossings are all hazardous, especially to people with disabilities or sight problems.

Just when does the council become responsible? I’m 55 and this fall knocked me for six. I pray to God no one older suffers the same fate!

But I urge anyone to report it should they fall and sustain injury due to uneven surfaces. Just out of interest, if I withheld my loss of earnings from my council tax would this fit into the council’s criteria?


Hilltop, Eastwood