Letter left me gobsmacked


It’s not often that I’m gobsmacked in politics, but I was left open mouthed by Liberal Democrat Cllr Jason Zadrozny’s letter which accused Labour MPs of voting to cut taxes for millionaires in last month’s Budget.

Jason clearly doesn’t understand how Parliament works. I do, and I know that I and every other Labour MP voted against the Budget which cut taxes for the richest 140,000 people in our country.

The Labour Government introduced the 50p tax rate and if we were still in Government we’d still have it.

I know people hate politicians doing the whole tit for tat thing, so don’t take his word or my word for it - Google a BBC news story from last week (April 27) called “Nick Clegg defends ‘unpopular’ coalition policies” and you will read an independent news report which says “Labour recently attempted to block plans to cut the 50p tax rate to 45p, saying it would give a £40,000 tax cut to 14,000 millionaires” at the same time as introducing a ‘granny tax’ and cutting tax credits for working mums – all of which are causing further pain to the people I represent.

Every Liberal Democrat MP voted for these measures.

Jason is a member of the Liberal Democrats, so I can only assume he backs those measures along with the tax cut for millionaires, but if he doesn’t agree with his party’s policies, he should say so.

Labour would have kept the 50p tax – that’s why we voted against the entire Budget which was a Budget for millionaires.

Gloria De Piero

MP for Eastwood