LETTER: OAP assaulted

Injuries sustained by Edna Wright in the attack. a
Injuries sustained by Edna Wright in the attack. a

Re your story in the Ripley & Heanor News about care worker Sarah Frith being jailed for assaulting pensioner Edna Wright at Codnor Park Care Home.

We at the home are delighted to report that Edna Wright, a resident at Codnor Park Care Home, has made a full recovery and is in good spirits following this incident.

At the time of the incident Codnor Park had a full complement of seven members of staff on duty caring for 34 residents.

It was not under-staffed as claimed in Sarah Frith’s defence and this was not accepted in court as a justification for her behaviour.

Sarah Frith had worked at the Home for five years without any indication anything like this might happen.

This was an unprovoked

attack, without warning, and in her own words she ‘just snapped’.

Both Edna Wright and her family have praised the staff at Codnor Park Care Home for the speed and professionalism of their response to a distressing situation. Edna continues to be cared for by the staff at Codnor Park Care Home, testament to the high standard of care and comfort she enjoys from our team.

The Care Quality Commission carried out an unannounced inspection in November 2013 and Codnor Park was found to be compliant in all areas.

Linda Bexton

Manager, Codnor Park Care Home


A wonder to watch

I write in response to ‘Extremely Angry of Awsworth’ (Advertiser letters page March 6) re the wind turbine. I too get a similar view and I think it is a very good structure. It’s about time there was something pleasing about Awsworth.

I watched the people building it and their skill, speed and efficiency was something to wonder at. If only some of their skills and dedication could be transferred to the management of the gas and electricity companies we would all be a lot better off.

Derek Fletcher