Letter: Protest planned over ‘cruel’ event

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Since publicising the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre’s decision to host children’s ‘wildlife’ events courtesy of ‘Bugs ’n’ Bones’, Derby Animal Rights has been inundated with messages and contact from animal lovers, Lawrence scholars and fans and parents in the area who all strongly oppose the event.

We have received overwhelming support from DH Lawrence Society members across the world and many national animal protection groups have spoken out about the council’s decision too, including Derby Animal Rights, Nottingham Animal Rights, Animal Defenders International, Animal Aid, Animal Protection Agency, the Born Free Foundation, Care for the Wild and the Captive Animals Protection Society.

The additional national publicity gained has only increased our levels of support still further.

In response to this, we have agreed to hold a high-profile protest to promote everyone’s concerns and call upon the council to be accountable and make responsible decisions that reflect the wishes of the people it represents and live up to Lawrence’s reputation.

We understand Broxtowe Borough Council commissioned Bugs ’n’ Bones with good, albeit uninformed, intentions.

However, now it is aware of the risks associated with the event, the strength of pubic opinion against it and the damage it is causing to the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre’s reputation, we are taken back that it still refuses to cancel the event on Wednesday, August 12.

We have offered to hold a meeting with the council and the heritage ccntre to allow representatives from different interest groups to raise their concerns directly and discuss alternative events that could be held instead.

However, we have had no response from the council to this.

Victoria Rose

On behalf of Derby Animal Rights