LETTER: Remember Kimberley’s excitement for tram 10 years ago

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Dear Editor

At a time when the campaign to bring the tram to Kimberley and beyond is attracting media attention I thought it would be worthwhile re-publishing an article which appeared in your paper 10th March 2005.

I think the residents of Kimberley and surround who are criticising the plans and accusing me of conducting a campaign to promote “my pet project” would be interested to learn that their Town Council were 100% behind the extension as far back as 2005!

Your newspaper has published many letters recently from residents against the project, most notably from a Mr Darren Warner who claimed to represent the views of Kimberley Resident’s Association, whose members include former Kimberley Town councillors who submitted the article in 2005!

Perhaps the title of my article could read, “Local support for Kimberley tram extension expressed as far back as 2005” (several years before my campaign began in 2009!) I sincerely hope you publish this ASAP.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Andy Cooper

Broxtowe Borough Council