LETTER: A safe landfill tip is one that is left alone

This is the time of year when all local residents can expect the Neighbourhood Plan to be dropped through their letter boxes.

Saturday, 11th March 2017, 6:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd March 2017, 4:42 pm

The Neighbourhood Development Plan will be a new term to many residents, but it simply means a government decision to involve local residents at the grass roots discussion stage, before final plans for the future of their area is “hammered out” at higher level.

I recently received a copy of the Eastwood Town Council plan and heartily commend the council for all the hard work that has gone into its production.

I was especially interested to read, under the housing section, their comments concerning site H416, land off Chewton Street, next to the old tip.

This site is more easily recognised by locals as the land bounded by Halls Lane, Commons Close, Wyvern Close and Wessex Drive.

While accepting the area in question does not fall within its jurisdiction, Eastwood council rightly states, on page 15: “Due to the dangers of this old tip site, we would strongly object to any housing development on this site.” Under their light rail/tram heading, on page 21, the council further suggests the old tip be used as a park and ride, “as this site is contaminated and would not be safe for housing or employment.”

I have heard it said “the only safe landfill tip is one that is left alone”.

Ideally that is the preferred solution, for both the tip and any adjacent, suspect land, but we live in a realistic world so as a last resort, an eminently sensible solution would be to afford the least invasion of the topography.

Therefore, as suggested, we should safeguard the unmapped, contaminated tip, along with the safety-strip of land that girdles it, (ref; H146 - Chewton St), as part of the key infrastructure proposals for the coming tramway extension. This would fall nicely in

line with the A610 growth corridor now being floated by some politicians as a way to invigorate and benefit Eastwood town and the surrounding parishes.

I do trust that Broxtowe Borough Council will endorse this particular proposal; it will go a long way to allay the health and safety concerns of the large contingent of

elderly residents at the splendid senior citizens complex, off Commons Close. And, preserve the local authority’s duty of care to the many others living in the immediate locality.

Ken Calder