LETTER: Seeds of discontent have been sown

Boris Johnson, Ian Botham, Michael Caine and Joan Collins would like to see the UK leave the EU.

Thursday, 2nd June 2016, 6:30 pm

So would many other people who value the way of life we have worked hard for and come to enjoy.

In my view the erosion of our society is being carried out by people who are using this country as a base for living life to the full at the expense of the hard-pressed taxpayer. Human rights legislation has gone mad, all due, in my opinion, to the command of unelected bureaucracy in Brussels, along with inadequate border controls that allow problematic and expensive persons to access the state resources.

Yes these “officials” now admit they interfere too much too often but it is almost far too late.

I am not concerned with trade figures being influenced by an exit from this unhealthy club but I am concerned with the way of life that will be made available to my offspring and their children in years to come.

I am not concerned with EU nationals who come to work and move on to another country when the work dries up. But I want to see regulation of people who enter this country by other means.

Extremely worrying are the religious factions that I believe are gaining a foothold on the workings of everyday life for all our citizens. They are aided and abetted by blinkered politicians.

We are a tolerant society and proudly so but the seeds of discontent are firmly sown within many fractions of our society. I dread to think what repercussions will occur when tempers are overstretched due to political ignorance of the needs required by members of the general public.

We have the finest armed forces in the world and some of the most energetic leaders of industry are committed to the UK. We can make ourselves great once again and maintain the respect of countries throughout the world. We do not need to be bullied and pressurised by red tape and bureaucracy from EU officials.

Integration is a key word but many so-called experts are doubtful of it being achieved in their lifetime.

Racial integration has worked reasonably well in the past but cultural integration is providing a challenge to say the least.

David Cameron’s actions make him a good ambassador for advocating a move away from Brussels in my view. Border controls and human rights legislation are others.

Commonsense people take stock of what is happening around you and see what long-term effects are being gradually bestowed on proud British citizens. We are not a racist nation and we are not against helping others in need but we must be sensible when voting on that “unhealthy club” known as the EU.

Alan Armstrong,

Boundary Close,