LETTER: Support the transport system

Hucknall tram
Hucknall tram

As an open-minded supporter of the suggested extension of the tram system to Kimberley I am finding it increasingly difficult to follow the objections to it in Darren Warner’s letters and press releases.

In my earlier letter I asked him three simple questions to justify his statement that the tram would “speed the decline in local businesses which have already seen the life sucked out of them since the opening of the Giltbrook Retail Park”.

I asked because that is one thing I would never want it do. He has failed to answer.

Then, last week Darren went off on a completely different track (no pun intended) with a whole range of points about road crossings, a park and ride site, new houses, traffic chaos (caused, not eased, by the tram), bus services and the “mammoth cost to those who pay the parking levy”.

Is he not aware that the main objective of KENTAG, right from its inception, has been to get a feasibility study carried out that would investigate each and every one of these points, plus many others?

This is what happens whenever and wherever such a scheme is contemplated. It would also consider the suggestion made by some people that it would be best if the tram entered the town via the old Northern line. Unfortunately that may not be easy as, due to lack of foresight, part of that line has already been built on. Which leads me to what I believe is the most important aspect of this whole issue.

I think very many people in Kimberley, and other places, rue the day that their abandoned railway lines were built over. Kimberley has the remains of one still in existence. It seems to me that only KENTAG is showing the foresight that we now need by saying, “Let’s see how feasible it is to use this line so that future generations will not look back and see yet another missed opportunity to improve our local transport system”.

Jim Dymond