LETTER: Thanks to stranger

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I would really like to, through your paper, give a big thankyou to the kind gentleman who came to my aid outside the Poundland shop (near Ilkeston) a few weeks ago.

I am partially sighted and walk into things a lot and my son is my eyes.

He paid for my purchases and went out of the shop, thinking I was following him (I usually hold onto his elbow). He tells me step, or road, or door etc and reads small print.

There is also a big shop door, which I had to be careful of as I can’t see glass. Outside the shop, to my right side, which is the side on which I am completely blind, I thought my son was waiting for me.

After getting no answer from him I started to feel very anxious, thinking my son had left me.

Then there I was, reaching for what I thought was his elbow, him being 6ft 2in and wearing a dark coat and having short dark hair.

I didn’t realise it was in fact a container of upside down yard brushes.

I was getting very upset until a kind gentleman must have noticed my white stick and asked how many yard brushes I wanted.

This made me more confused. ‘Is my son here?’I replied.

My son, hearing the commotion, walked back to rescue me and he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. It is laughable now to think that I thought the yard brushes were my son.

But thanks to the ‘kind stranger’. I think he had a dark coat and white or grey hair.

A bad anxiety attack was prevented and I was reunited with my son, who was laughing by this time!