LETTER: votal funding for Youth United Network


The Chancellor’s Budget statement, which included a £10 million award to the Youth United Network to deliver social action opportunities for young people, is a much welcomed investment and will enable organisations like The Boys’ Brigade to engage with more young people.

By working with Youth United over the past 15 months, we have established 42 new Companies across England, creating over 2,000 new places for children, young people and adult volunteers, taking our UK membership to nearly 65,000. But to achieve this, we rely heavily on our dedicated leaders who freely give their time and skills.

Investing in our young people is vital to ensure that they get the best start in life. In The Boys’ Brigade, as in other youth organisations, providing opportunities to develop relevant life skills, whether it be leadership, communication or team work, as well as recognising the importance of providing a time and place where young people can relax and take part in fun and challenging activities, gives our young people the best opportunity for a better future.

Eric Hudson

Director for England

The Boys’ Brigade