LETTER: we will fight housing plans in Kimberley


We held the public meeting at Holy Trinity Church Hall in Kimberley, which saw a packed hall of around 100 people turn out to show there anger and concern to do with the proposed 600 houses for Kimberley.

Most of the people of Kimberley are only now becoming aware of this horrendous prospect, thanks to the Kimberley Residents Association (KRA).

The KRA have had and are still taking expert advice through Ken Mafham Associates, which are a leading firm in contentious planning issues.

Ken spent an hour explaining Kimberley ‘s situation in detail and then took a Q&A session from the audience, which saw the audience learn that there are huge potential for brownfield sites within Nottingham city of more than 5,000 residential units over and above present allocations that could soak up a large proportion of what is, in our view, Kimberley’s over development potential.

We are learning that some seem not to want to pursue this alternative, but seem to be set on fusing Kimberley with the city.

KRA will be fighting the future applications to build on ANY Greenbelt within our area.
The Government inspector (Jill Kingaby) has now finished consultation and will be making her conclusions to the report known soon.

The KRA will act upon her report accordingly. Even though most other areas have seen a reduction in house numbers reduced from the original amount proposed, including Eastwood, others seem to have been persuaded that 600 proposed houses for Kimberley is the right way to go for some unknown strange reason, even though this is the largest increase in any area on scale in the borough — a 25% increase!

Darren Warner

KRA chairman