LETTER: well done for year as mayor


The following letter was one I started before Cllr Hazel Charlesworth completed her year in office as Mayor of Eastwood and I didn’t complete it until after she passed the chain on to her successor Cllr Ken Woodhead.

When it wasn’t on the letters page the following week (and then again the week after) on checking my sent emails I realised I’d never forwarded it to the editor’s correct email address! So sorry Hazel that this is a little late!

Sooo, Cllr Hazel Charlesworth where do I begin? Your year as Mayor of Eastwood has been a challenging one in many ways but as always you took everything in your stride and gave it your very best. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank you for your commitment to Eastwood and the community. I know you have unfinished business and will continue as an avid volunteer on behalf of local groups.

How would I describe Hazel? In one word, a ‘worker’ and to add, someone you can always depend on. She is always the one at meetings that takes on the ‘chores’ and sees them through to completion without complaint.

Towards the end of her term in office she took a nasty fall and needed an operation but thankfully her Deputy Cllr Ken Kenny completed her duties.

She had a planned charity evening that some people might have thought of cancelling after an operation but unfazed by her ordeal Hazel decided she had friends and family to rely on who organised the evening and ensured her earlier plans bore fruit.

Supported throughout by her husband Cllr Bob Charlesworth and her family she attended a variety of functions and made acquaintances with many, many people whilst representing Eastwood. Her visits to Age Concern Eastwood were warm and friendly and well received. We hope she enjoyed her time with us.

I wish her and Bob the very best for the future and really hope that she remembers her year as the Mayor of Eastwood for all the right reasons. Cheers Hazel and thanks again.

Josie Marsters

Braemar Avenue, Eastwood