LETTER: What are the benefits of the tram?

Hucknall tram
Hucknall tram

In response to Mr Dymond’s letter in the Advertiser regarding plans for an extension of the tram network to Kimberley.

The points you raised, in my opinion, shifted the focus . We are challenging the statement made by several pro-lobbyists that a tram to Kimberley WILL increase the prosperity of the town. Where is the evidence for this?

With regard to Kimberley Town Council’s latest newsletter, once again we are given the hard sell.

What was left out of the letter of January 24 by Mrs Jean Dunn was that if the tram arrives at Kimberley it will, as I understand, need to cross Eastwood Road to what is currently Broxtowe Borough Council’s works depot.

That will become a park and ride.

For those with a little foresight, imagine the chaos with most of the proposed 600 new houses fronting on to Eastwood Road and around Church Hill, with the addition of what I estimate would be at least 1,000 more cars also wanting to use the park and ride.

This does not include the thousands of additional homes in Eastwood and Giltbrook with vehicles coming through Eastwood Road to and from Nottingham and having to stop for the tram to cross, Is this the vision for Kimberley?

I feel the people of Kimberley are yet to make up their minds about the tram.

I say again, with an excellent bus service every ten minutes to Nottingham , with multiple stops, (something I believe the tram cannot give), what are the additional benefits to Kimberley in particular that will justify this mammoth cost to those who pay the parking levy?

Darren Warner


Kimberley Resident’s