LETTER: What are the consequences?

07-2176-3  ''The Bulwell Forest Tram Stop
07-2176-3 ''The Bulwell Forest Tram Stop

To those who favour the tram to Kimberley without yet knowing the potential consequences. The people of Kimberley, the majority of whom have yet to decide, would like to make the following observation’s:

What truly motivates those who want it?

What would the cost to bring it to Kimberley be, via the parking levy?

What would the benefits to Kimberley itself be?

What price to the environment, considering it would potentially go through what is now a site of special scientific interest and has also been taken on by Notts Wildlife Trust?

What will be the impact on trees that are subject to preservation orders?

What impact will it have going straight through the heart of a conservation area?

What will be the impact on traffic flow within the conservation area on Eastwood Road, when it will have to cross into the BBC works’ department?

What will be the response from the powers that be if the majority of people in Kimberley reject it? Would they back down?

This is all about giving the full picture and I am sure those in favour don’t object to that, do you?

Darren Warner,

Kimberley Residents’