LETTER: When will we get fair share?

Reporter notebook
Reporter notebook

The response to my previous letter from Charles Robb confirms the problem Eastwood has when it comes to getting its fair share of investment. We are too easily ignored.

The big question for me is this. Why is Eastwood grouped into the council area of Broxtowe with council offices at Beeston? In my mind Beeston is part of the city with nothing in common with Eastwood. Within my area: Ilkeston, Kimberley, Langley Mill, Heanor and Hucknall are places I relate to. Beeston is that place the other side of Wollaton near the university where the new city tram extension is being built.

This area throughout its scarred industrial history has been a main contributor to the Nottinghamshire and Britain’s coffers.

With the new house building proposals, set predominately in our already heavily populated areas, that contribution will continue.

It is not unreasonable for the residents of this area to expect infrastructure improvements and forward planning, instead we get fobbed off with a few road resurfaces, usually half the road at a time.

John Armstrong