LETTER: Who is responsible for Badgers’ woes?

Eastwood Town badge
Eastwood Town badge

I read with interest former Eastwood Town FC owner Steve Lynch’s statement regarding the problems that have beset our beloved football club.

My overriding thoughts were that despite a declaration from the council and supporting affirmation from the F.A., Mr Lynch still refuses to accept any responsibility.

When he arrived he promised to run an open football club. However, my view is that his involvement in the club became less and less.

It is also ironic that he chose to release his statement through the local paper, when he has been repeatedly asked to put something on the club’s website.

I have no idea whether his version of events is correct. However I do know Milan Radulovic is a supporter of the club and when he said the council didn’t take this decision lightly, I like most (if not all) Eastwood supporters believe him.

The fact that Nottingham F.A. have also come out in support of the council’s account of dealings with the club also speaks volumes.

Mr Lynch seems to lay the blame with the council for not doing enough to help the club and the supporters for taking to social media instead of helping him save the club.

Yet it appears the council has been very patient and lenient.

It may or may not be true that there was a failure to pay the bill in 2011, however when Mr Lynch took over the club he also inherited the debt. Had he disputed that bill and continued to pay in 2012 and 2013, I am sure we wouldn’t be in this position.

I, along with many others, would rather see administration and reformation than see the club survive in its current format.

When Keith Smith and his wife Carole took over the club they were in a similar position to the one Mr Lynch inherited.

What they did was have the foresight to involve the supporters and made them feel appreciated.

Together everyone pulled in the same direction and the club went from strength to strength and Keith is regarded by many as the most popular chairman we have had in recent years.

In my view it is time Mr Lynch took a leaf out of their book.

Andy Cope,