LETTERS: Eastwood will not become a ‘ghost town’

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As a local business owner in this town I was outraged to see last week’s front page where Eastwood Town Councillor Ken Woodhead announced Eastwood will become a ‘Ghost town’ if certain amenities close. How dare he!

There are so many business owners working very hard to make Eastwood town centre a success and his negative propaganda will only hinder this town rather than help.

He should be focusing on the positives, we have a butchers, bakers, green grocers, toy shop, card shops, vintage and interior design shops, hairdressers, beauticians, florists, chemists, newsagents, Co-op supermarket, clothes shops, Boyes, successful pubs and sports bars and a craft workshop area and yes admittedly many charity shops, take-aways, cafes and bookmakers, at least those shops aren’t left empty. Compared to some towns we are doing very well thank you.

Many of the shops are working together with the Broxtowe Town Centre Management Team to create Facebook pages including Eastwood Town Centre and Eastwood Craft Workshops, both set up by shop owners and the craft workshop area have been creating free monthly events to promote Eastwood and increase footfall.

Ken Woodhead would have us give up now it would seem, he may as well have told us all to shut up shop and not fight for this town.

Shame on you Ken Woodhead. I challenge you to work with Broxtowe Borough Council to come up with a positive plan to keep this town vibrant and thriving.

Eastwood Business Owner

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