Letters: Fears over town centre roundabout

Kimberley general views.'Kimberley High Street.
Kimberley general views.'Kimberley High Street.

The give-way sign at the roundabout in Kimberley High Street is being ignored. The road system there is an accident waiting to happen, I feel.

Cars race down the slope and ignore the give-way sign making it very dangerous for cars negotiating the roundabout from the shopping centre turnout. Basically you get half way round the roundabout and a car comes shooting down the road, almost crashing into the car on the roundabout.

An incident occurred about three weeks ago when I was negotiating the roundabout, and several yobbos in the other car, a burnt out looking Ford Fiesta from the 1990s, shouted abuse as they raced across the roundabout ignoring the give way sign completely.

I complained about it to the police locally who passed the complaint onto Eastwood, but nothing happened.

A further incident took place a couple of days ago. Basically other vehicles just ignore the give way sign.

I feel the action required is that the town council at Kimberley should work with the police to find more effective signage, and CCTV at the roundabout in question before a very bad accident occurs.

- Brian George, Hempshill Vale, Nottingham