Letters gave me food for thought


The contents of recent letters to the Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser have given me, as County Councillor for Eastwood, reason to respond.

May I add my own delight, at the way things are progressing in Eastwood (‘Kids really are not all yobs’, March 2).

Anti-social behaviour is down and the new youth centre in our town has upwards of 96 young adults attending each day it’s open.

I pop in every evening to see how things are progressing and have built an excellent rapport with the manager, Andy Allsop.

I really do feel we should support our youth and not be overly critical.

Eastwood is no different to any other town and it is after all, just a case of a few and not the majority of youth, that can sometimes be a nuisance.

The group of individuals that have formed SKRAISE (Eastwood Comprehensive) are a credit to our town and I want to focus more on the positives and encourage these students.

‘Dismayed at bleak picture’ (March 9) I have to agree with Mrs Jones and I too am angry at the comments made by Cllr Rowley.

Rather than make negative remarks, why not address the issue in a positive way?

Anyone can sit on the fence and criticise, but things do not improve with this kind of attitude.

Four years ago a Youth Sports Development grant was introduced at Eastwood Town Council.

The idea was to help reduce anti-social behaviour by encouraging the youth of our town to take part in sport, local volunteer lead sport groups could apply for grants. Wonderful!

Maybe Cllr Rowley would support/second my proposal of this initiative being re-introduced?

Cllr Keith Longdon

Bosworth Drive