Lib Dems are on your side


How did our MPs vote in the recent tax cock-up? Every Labour MP in Nottinghamshire voted to cut taxes for the rich, including Eastwood’s, Gloria De Piero.

In March, Labour had the chance to vote against the 50p tax cut, but only 22 Labour MPs showed up for the vote.

Recently, Labour put in an amendment to a Bill, deleting the tax rate of 45p, meaning there would be no additional tax rate at all, leaving 40 per cent as the top rate. Labour would have cut taxes for the rich by 5 per cent more than the Government would have.

It is worrying that Labour doesn’t understand the fundamental principles of our tax system. Labour took 13 years to introduce a 50p rate and then, they, only shortly before a general election.

Now, suddenly they pretend to care about it again.

Labour’s biggest tax change was to remove the 10p tax rate hitting people on low and middle incomes, while the Liberal Democrats are giving nearly 25m basic-rate tax payers an income tax cut and have lifted more than a million people out of paying income tax altogether.

At the same time, the Lib Dems are making the rich pay their fair share by cracking down on loopholes and tax relief.

It is becoming clear to more and more people that only the Liberal Democrats are on the side of hard working families and pensioners in Ashfield and Eastwood.

Cllr Jason Zadrozny

Leader of the Opposition

Ashfield District Council