Lifeline for future of town fire station

NEAALM101215A1 - Eastwood Fire Station
NEAALM101215A1 - Eastwood Fire Station
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CONCERNS over the future of Eastwood fire station have been temporarily allayed after Nottinghamshire Chief Fire Officer Frank Swann advised the station should be kept open as it is for now.

In three options being discussed by Nottinghamshire Fire Authority in a meeting today several stations across the county face possible cuts, closures and expansions.

However, in each different option, Eastwood’s station is being recommended to be kept open.

We revealed in December last year how there were fears in the town that the station could close after Nottinghamshire Fire & Authority admitted it was reviewing the best way forward for its stations as it tried to plug a £4.9m deficit in its budget over the next two years.

But in the report’s conclusions, Eastwood was deemed the seventh least expensive station in the county and should be kept open for the time being.

However the report also warns that the fire service will be continuing its review of fire provision on the west side of the county where Eastwood sits.

As part of that review the fire service will continue liaising with its Derbyshire neighbours to find more cost-effective ways of working with ‘Eastwood’s provision dependant upon the outcomes of the inter-service discussions’.

The report concludes: “Given the level of risk, location and activity, combined with the wider recommendations from the Fire Cover Review 2010, it is concluded that Eastwood continue as is, for the current period.

“However, this is clearly linked to the further finding to enter into meaningful discussion with Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service in relation to the provision of county border fire cover and is also linked into Stockhill and Hucknall (which are both also being recommended to stay as they are for now) for future resource allocation planning resulting from these discussions.”

In the report it also hints that the Breathing Apparatus Unit, which is currently based at the Highfields station in Nottingham but also used by Eastwood firefighters, could be moved to the town.